Getting a Head Start on Gratitude

My last post delved into the scientifical findings on why the blog is going nowhere and I conceded that the complaints about a lack of gratitude on my part were legit. To mend this error I declared that a greater focus on gratitude would be a hallmark of 2018. But why wait? As I’ve noted […]

Top 10 Reasons Why this Blog is Going Nowhere

I have now been writing this blog for about nine months and in that time the blog has garnered a grand total of eleven comments. A full two of those comments are from people who are either not me or not married to me. In order to better understand the secrets behind this incredible run […]

How I Stay Motivated to Reach My Financial Goals

Last week I was responding to an invitation to do a guest post at Winning Personal Finance and one of the interview questions Jason sent me asked about how I stay motivated to accomplish a long-term financial goal. The more I thought about my response the more I realized that this is a topic that […]