Top 10 Reasons Why this Blog is Going Nowhere

I have now been writing this blog for about nine months and in that time the blog has garnered a grand total of eleven comments. A full two of those comments are from people who are either not me or not married to me.

In order to better understand the secrets behind this incredible run of non-success I sent out a survey to a nationally representative sample of people who claim to read blogs to get their take on why this blog is boldly going where no other blog really wants to go anyway.

After combing through mountains of data and doing lots of analytical type stuff I present to you in no particular order the top responses I received followed by my thoughts on each.

1. Author hasn’t actually achieved any of the blog’s stated goals.

Damn, this is kind of rough isn’t it? I mean, yes, it’s true I haven’t actually achieved any of my long-term financial goals so far but I do at least have some goals, I think.  And the tagline does clearly say that this is a mid-life journey to financial independence and not a mid-life arrival at financial independence.

2. Blog doesn’t have all the answers.

Jeezum, tough crowd here. But again, true, I don’t have all the answers. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what my own contribution is to the greater good. Once I figure that out I’ll be back with at least some, if not all, of the answers for everyone else.

3. Sometimes gripes about owning a vacation cabin, which makes author sound like an ungrateful jerk that normal people can’t relate to.

Ok, this is a legitimate beef.  I get it, most people don’t have a second home and those who do made a choice to own one. Certainly we made that choice. And if one is in a position to make that choice then you really don’t have anything to complain about. All valid points and I accept each one of them.

Two additional things I will say on this:

  1. In discussing our vacillations over how the cabin fits with our goal to reach financial independence I guess I’ve been trying to pass on a cautionary tale. On various FI-related blogs and forums I’ve heard a surprising number of people mention that owning/building a cabin has been a dream. It was certainly a dream of mine as well. The cautionary part of my tale is simply that once a dream is fulfilled it is no longer a dream, it is part of your new reality. As humans we become accustomed to whatever our reality is. Once a dream is realized we can be prone to thinking, “ok, that’s done, what’s next?” So if you are contemplating a second home, think about how you’ll  prepare yourself for the mindset shift that will likely come at some point after your dream becomes a reality.
  2. All the above being said, I recognize that I have work to do when it comes to being grateful and expressing gratitude. This will be a focus for me in 2018. I’ve heard a few people suggest that every night you should write down three things you’re grateful for. I probably need to do this.

4. The site’s Word Press theme sucks.

Another legit response. I agree the theme is lame.  I had to change to the current theme because my previous one (Mad Hat in case you were wondering) would not work with RSS feeds. But the RSS thingy does work with the new theme as you can see by the little RSS symbol next to my Blogger Profile on Rockstar Finance.

5. Not enough pictures of office posters with inspirational content.

Oh please.  Here you go:


6. Talks about “excess checking account funds.” WTF are those?

I have abbreviated this response in the interest of brevity and family-friendliness.

All I can say is that once we started disentangling ourselves from unnecessary spending and generally paying more attention to where our money went we simply had more money at our disposal to use towards things that actually matter.

Have you ever had the experience of making lots of little expenditures and then not being sure where all your money went? I certainly have. But I can tell you from experience that there is a mirror image to this phenomenon.

If you cut out this and that little unnecessary expense and save a little here and there on regular monthly bills you’ll wind up with excess checking account funds. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to have some patience, but the impact on your checking account is very real.

7. Author is a frugal fraud.  The wife is the real force for frugality in the relationship.

Possible valid point here.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I was not born frugal. I come from a long line of notoriously indiscriminate spenders and only know that you can’t buy happiness due to all of my failed attempts. But I have turned things around – honest.

It is also true that my wife was born frugal. She comes from good and hearty New England stock so it only makes sense that she was endowed with Yankee thrift.

To illustrate my point about our natural proclivities I share this anecdote:

When building our house our builder took us to her preferred appliance shop and the salesman fell upon us like a vulture at a carcass party.

He regaled us on the virtues of a dual fuel range and within seconds I was in a slack-jawed, hypnotic state of wonderment over something I had previously never cared about.  As my head involuntarily nodded in agreement with his every word my wife sliced through his wizardry with a simple, “We don’t need that.”

It was as if I had brought Watto with me to the appliance store, only my wife is smokin’ hot* and looks nothing like a Toydarian.

I inconspicuously wiped away the drool from one corner of my mouth, looked at the salesman and said, “I’m with her” as we walked away.

8. Lacks SEO Optimization

I tried to pursue this but it costs money and when I got to the automated teller machine machine I realized I had forgotten my personal identification number number.  Whutevs, I can barely spell SEO.

9. Author claims getting off facebook was a good thing so it’s his own damn fault if the blog fails.

I’m sorry, but I have become addicted to not being on facebook and I don’t ever want to give that up.  And besides, this blog is my new distraction and I’m enjoying reading all the non-comments I receive.

Anytime I feel a slight urge to look at facebook all I have to do is play back the tapes in my head of my mother and her husband looking at their respective phones and narrating the content of their facebook feeds to each other. Doing this replaces the urge to look at facebook with the urge to shove a fully-sharpened #2 Dixon Ticonderoga into each ear. Problem solved.

And from what I’m now hearing Twitter is better than facebook anyway.  I now have a Twitter account and one day I’ll know how to work it.

10. Author claims to be the envy of his neighbors, but we’ve heard they actually think he’s a conceited tool.

Wait, I did not actually make the claim of being the envy of my neighbors, I simply said that our power company was telling us it was true. Perhaps they are not to be believed? We certainly never got the pizza party that I demanded when all this “envy of your neighbors” business came out.

What I don’t get is how the survey respondents even know who our neighbors are. This whole thing was supposed to be anonymous.

I will concede that my neighbors may find me to be somewhat eccentric and possibly weird. Personally, I prefer the term, detail-oriented.

A Final Thought

Well, there you have it, the blunt truth as to why this blog is going nowhere fast.

One last thing to add. The questionnaire I sent out included space for respondents to share any additional thoughts on the site and why they think it’s going nowhere. Out of the thousands of survey responses I received only one person provided an additional thought:

Simple fact is this blog is not funny.

The response was signed:

Your former friend,

The most boring man on the internet.


*You don’t have to take my word for it, just ask the bagger who tried to get her digits while she was grocery shopping at Walmart. True story.


  1. Unless you’re looking to make some $$ – whether or not anyone reads it is irrelevant. I’m happy just knowing my wife reads mine – that is when she does.



    1. Hey – thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s nice when my wife reads this blog and finds it humorous. Makes me feel like I’m doing my part. With her being smokin’ hot and all I need to bring something to the table.


  2. I haven’t read any of your other posts YET. I love the way you write. Keep posting.

    Brand new blogger, just been writing for over a month. In a few months I will ask you how I can do that survey. Is that even possible? Or was that a joke as well?


      1. Believe me, you don’t want to do the survey 🙂

        Keep up the blogging. I’m going to check out your site.

        Thanks for the comment.


  3. Well I think this post was awesome. And you included my favorite demotivational poster! Don’t quit my friend. I don’t always read blogs when I need inspiration, but when I do I read thegrayingsaver. Stay thirsty my friend!


    1. So many brilliant demotivational posters to choose from. Indifference is another favorite.

      Thanks for the comment. Is it time for a beer yet?


  4. Too too funny, haha… Maybe you should just make fun of yourself every week? 🙂


    1. That is a great idea. Unlimited supply of material.

      Many thanks for the comment.


  5. This post is awesome! Keep up the good writing and network as much as possible with other bloggers and you will make it. Marketing is key to finding those first few readers.

    Signed – A blogger that has not made it yet.


    1. Hey Jason – thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’m finally starting to get it that networking with other bloggers is key. Trying to up my game there.

      I think you’re doing quite well my friend. I see those comments rolling in over at WinningPersonalFinance. Keep it up!


  6. I just discovered your blog through Mr 1500 and Inthink that your blog is funny and informational. The only thing I can think of is the others talk more about beer. LOL


    1. Lora – you’ve nailed it! How could I have overlooked this detail that was right in front of me all this time. Well, not actually right in front of me at the moment – it’s 11 am – but you know what I mean. In addition to a master pajama maker and oracle of thriftiness my wife is also a home brewer. Have I mentioned that I married well? Thanks for the comment.


  7. Personally I like that you’re not retired and are still a few years off. It’s more relatable to the rest of us mere mortals slogging our way to FI. Found your blog through the 1500 Days guest post, I’m enjoying it so far. Adding it to my list of blogs to follow.


    1. Thanks Mrs. LSF – really appreciate it. Wish I could say I was happy that I’m not retired and am still a few years off, but I know what you mean :-). Happy to be a fellow mere mortal!


  8. Strangely enough (in an age where everyone and anyone in the political scene is screaming their lungs out), the more civic-orientated spaces have become more silent, with readers passively reading, silently.


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